Fun Plus Products

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.George Bernard Shaw

Do you believe in magic? One of the definitions of magic is: “a power that seems mysterious”. Magic sparks curiosity and entertains people. What if you could bring magic into your home just through PLAY?

As a parent, you may sometimes feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious or angry, and you have every right to feel these things. Entering into a mindset of play will help you to relax more and connect better with your little one.

Play is essential to creating a strong bond between parents and children. It is a way for your child to ‘rehearse’ different life situations, cope better with intense emotions, build relationships and – most importantly – have fun!

Play is not only essential to kids’ well-being but also has many benefits for adults. It reduces daily stress, strengthens connection, supports empathy and builds problem-solving skills.

Out of the Box FUN started with a DREAM – to bring PLAY to every aspect of life. In addition to our FUN Boxes with different themes, we have created two more unique products to achieve this dream:

The first is our Calm Down Basket, filled with creative and dynamic materials for your child to engage with when dealing with their strong emotions.

The second is the Travel Set, designed to inject more fun and playfulness into your day-to-day journeys, weekend trips and holidays.

“When you travel with your children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away… Experience, exposure, and a way of life.” Pamela T. Chandler

The joy of travelling to new places, home and abroad, brings many new experiences: discovering new countries and cultures, seeing beautiful cities and landscapes, and eating delicious food. This time of being together as a family without the responsibilities of work feels priceless. We feel increasingly excited as the day of departure approaches. Whether you are going to a summer resort or a ski centre – or simply out on a day of sightseeing – it doesn’t change the fact that we have to be prepared for travelling with our children. The long queues, the boring flight or car ride, and the unforeseen glitches and delays can be very tiring for all the family.

During long journeys children often get bored because they don’t have the space and freedom to move and play. The first thing they think of when feeling bored is … screen time! Playing video games, watching a movie or YouTube – these are what they want to do. It is worth noting, though, that screen time is unlikely to be remembered as one of your child’s all-time favourite family moments! 

We have a unique solution to this common problem:

A boredom-busting travel bag we have specially curated to bring FUN, CREATIVITY and STIMULATION to long journeys. Add your child’s favourite snacks, and together you are ready for exploring the wonders of the world.

Let your adventure begin!

A Travel Bag specially curated for bringing some FUN, and CREATIVITY as a boredom buster.

All of us feel happy and excited when the day of our holiday is approaching.

Whether you are travelling to a summer resort or a ski centre or sightseeing doesn’t change the fact that we always have to be prepared for children.

The long queues, the boring flight or ride, and the unforeseen glitches may be tiring for all the family.

We have a special solution for all of these because children need distractions from these glitches. 🥳🥳

A specially curated pack for bringing some FUN, CREATIVITY as a boredom buster. A Spy Pack curated for children between 7-12 years old with loads of puzzles, creative arts and crafts and surprises! 💛💜🥳🥳

Don’t forget that “Kids won’t remember their best time as in front of the screen; they will remember the times that are spent TOGETHER!”.

Let your adventure begin!

Small parts. Chocking hazard. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision recommended.