I Care for My Child’s Eyes: How to Be Ready for the First Eye Examination?

Written in collaboration with Optician Sifa Modina from Eyes on The Broadway, Muswell Hill and Developmental Psychologist Suzi Levi Mizrahi 

Did you know your child needs eye exams when they are 6 months old, 3 years old and 5-6 years old? Eye exams are critical to ensure that their eyes are healthy. Vision problems may interfere with learning.

8 signs that you should get your child’s eyes tested

  • If one or both eyes do not look straight (if one is looking slightly inwards or outwards)
  • In a photo, the reflex from both eyes should look the same; if one looks different, see an Optician to be referred to a specialist.
  • If your child doesn’t pay attention to visual objects/colours
  • If your child complains of headaches or eye pain
  • If they have problems with hand-eye coordination
  • Regular eye rubbing
  • Watery or red eyes or eyelid lumps or bumps
  • Sitting close to the television

How to be prepared for the first eye test?

  • Book a time when your child is well-rested and is not hungry.
  • Explain to your child what to expect. You can use PLAY to help your little one be prepared. For example, “The optician will ask you to stay very still. I will be counting now and see how still you can be”. You can also do some role-playing and take turns to be the optician.
  • Bring a favourite toy and some books. The optician may be able to incorporate their favourite book into the test or even do an eye test on their favourite teddy to break the ice!
  • Always be positive! Instead of saying, “No, stop it. Be still”, encourage your child by saying, “Let’s show how still you can be to the optician.”
  • Your child may feel different emotions. They can be scared or nervous. Accept and embrace all the feelings.

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  • To boost their imagination and creativity

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