“You can discover more about a person in an hour of PLAY than in a year of conversation.”

(427-347 BCE)


A letterbox full of FUN and creative activities you could do with your little one.  The main goals are to connect through play, to support your child’s development in four different developmental areas, and to have loads of FUN

Out of the Box FUN started with a DREAM. Our dream is to bring PLAY to every aspect of life. So far, other than our FUN Boxes with different themes, we have two different products to achieve that dream.

Travel Set and Calm Down Basket

We’ve picked some of our most loved boxes for a one time purchase opportunity just for you and your little one to have a great time and create FUN memories.

Why Us?


While playing, your child can work on different developmental skills such as cognitive skills,  social-emotional skills, motor skills and language skills. Every month you will be receiving the family booklet which includes all the instructions and developmental information.

Lots of FUN!

Every month has a surprising theme full of arts and crafts activities (even the box itself is an activity)

Alternative to Screentime

We know that it is sometimes hard to find alternatives for screen time. Well each month you’ll have new ideas both indoors and outdoors for all the family!

Developmentally appropriate

You can choose between the two categories for different age groups 2 to 6

All materials included

You don’t need to worry about supplying the materials. We have chosen everything for you 🙂


Get in touch with us

We’d love to hear from you whether it’s a question, suggestion or a brilliant idea you want to share.