ME TOO; Taking Care of Myself as a Parent

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean ME first, it means ME TOO!”

L.R. Knost

Being a parent is not easy, there are no courses, no internships and at every stage, you need different parenting styles and strategies. You may feel like parenting is much more different from how you imagined. So, today’s article is about you and taking care of YOURSELF as a parent! Don’t forget that taking care of yourself must be a part of taking care of your children.

Most parents say that they do not find time for self-care and their time is never enough for all the workload, housework, and taking care of children yet alone taking care of themselves. Some parents feel guilty about spending time for themselves prioritizing their needs over others’.  This brings parental burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed, frustration, anger, and makes it tougher to be patient, empathetic to carry on with taking care of others.

Self-care and making compassionate choices are important! You cannot pour from an empty cup so let’s first fill our cups.

1. Setting limits can be the first step to start prioritizing ourselves. Beware of your limits, accept them, and express your boundaries. Trying to be perfect will only bring harm. Please resist the urge to be a SUPERMUM/SUPERDAD! Start small and start planning for yourself.

2. Spend time in Nature! Go for a walk, a run, or a hot drink in nature is good for your well-being. Exercise not only helps your body but also your mind.

3. Listen to your favorite music, sing along loudly, and add some dance moves! You will realize how it will be much easier to find the joy of your inner child with some music. This will also help all the members of your family. (Listening to music during breakfast helped us a lot with the morning sibling conflicts!)

4. Spend some time with your friends. Socializing without the little ones may seem very hard to organize but you will realize that maintaining your social connections is an integral part of self-care. If you schedule a future social activity for yourself, it will give you something to look forward to (which can be a good self-care strategy in itself).

5. Beware of the Present moment! Practice Mindfulness. Find ways to engage with your emotions. Enjoy the moment, go slow!

6. Be with yourself and enjoy your alone time! Make new discoveries about yourself and what you like. Nurture yourself.

7. Take a break on electronics, make a digital detox.

Sending warm wishes to all,
Out of the Box Fun Team


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