Our Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Suzi.  She loved playing outside, she believed that she can travel anywhere on her bike.  She used to think her house’s garden was a big enchanted forest and there were lots of fairies living in the trees.  She believed in magic unicorns and saved money to buy one. Years passed and she became the mum of Mr Creative Soul (9) and Miss Giggles (5). She is a developmental psychologist and play therapist. She was amazed every time to observe how play can help a child so easily and naturally.  She can create a game from anything and any time.  She believes when she makes a child happy she accomplishes her role in life.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lidya, she loved playing with her siblings, her friends and her parents.  Her favourite play of all times was playing with dolls. She pretended to bake cakes for her dolls to make them feel better.   Years went by and she became an adult herself. Now she is the mum of Miss Angel (6) and Miss Sunshine (3). She is a former event and procurement specialist.  She is energetic and gets this energy from play and arts and crafts.  She loves drawing, colouring and playing with clay.  She also loves baking with her little helpers. 

Lidya & Suzi

Suzi and Lidya first met when they were little kids. Their lives took them to different paths until they met again when they became mums..  After some time spent together they realized that they shared their passion on play.  So they decided to create “Out of the Box Fun” for caregivers and children to have FUN while creating and playing.  

Hope we can have a place in your memories with your little ones!