All About Emotions


What is inside the box?
Parents’ guide with easy-to-follow instructions
Fun puzzles, following the theme
Four activities with all materials included

Our main goals for this theme are:

  • To help your child learn about identifying their own and others’ emotions
  • To help them find different ways of calming down when they experience strong emotions
  • To support the development of fine motor skills, creativity, language and cognitive skills, social-emotional skills and hand-eye coordination
  • To boost their imagination and creativity

All activities are ideal for children aged 2–6.

Let’s play together and explore the colourful world of emotions!


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“Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated.”

Jill Bolte Taylor

Hello, I’m Zoey! This is my best friend, Zac. We love playing together. Would you like to join us for our playdate?

Identifying and talking about one’s emotions is the starting point for building empathy and problem-solving skills. Also, did you know that being kind and compassionate to others is only possible once your child has learned how to identify their own emotions. Sometimes it is hard for young children to express how they feel when they have such strong emotions. Usually, when these strong feelings are not expressed, they intensify and turn into meltdowns. We have prepared our ‘All About Emotions’ Box specifically to help you and your child talk about emotions while playing and having fun.

These activities have drawn inspiration from both EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) and will encourage your child to explore their curiosity and sense of adventure.

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2-3, 4-6

Warning!  Small parts. Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision recommended.