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Talking about emotions
Emotional Regulation

Welcome to the Roller Coaster of Emotions!​

A quick Guide on How to Deal with Strong Emotions?
Identifying and talking about one’s emotions is the start of calming down and problem-solving. Children need to know about their own emotions to understand others’ emotions.


“Will You Play with Me?” A Way to Connect with Your Little One

The attachment between parent and child works as a safe base for the child to explore the world. Although Attachment Theory reveals that attachment occurs within the first 3 years of a child’s life, some recent studies show that attachment can develop and become stronger in subsequent years. Secure Attachment supports children’s self-confidence and resilience. Secure Attachment can be achieved when the parent/caregiver recognizes the emotional needs of the child and meet these emotional needs. PLAY is very crucial for creating a strong bond between the child and the parents/carers.


Visiting the Magical Lands of Stories

Storytell­ing is the oldest form of teaching and spending time together. Stories bring joy to our lives and have many benefits for our chil­dren’s development.