Visiting the Magical Lands of Stories

‘Everyone could tell tales because each one of us has a story.’
Judith Liberman

I remember when I was a child and my grandmother telling me stories before bedtime. I loved listening to her calming voice while travelling in the magical lands of the stories that she told me. Some of the stories were fairy tales; others were made up stories. She even told me stories about my mum’s childhood and her own childhood. Those were the best! I remember that it was so funny to listen to their childhood memories. To be honest, I really didn’t like the nighttime. It wasn’t fair that I had to sleep so early. That is why I never wanted the stories to end. I remember asking, “Pleaseeee, tell me another one!”

Just try to remember your childhood and what made you happy, you will realize it was the simple pleasures of life such as; the smell of your favourite meal, a hot cookie baked for you, a worm you came across in the gar­den, the shapes of clouds you observed, a rainbow, your favourite music, or the stories that your parents/grandparents have told you.

Storytell­ing is the oldest form of teaching and spending time together. Stories bring joy to our lives and have many benefits for our chil­dren’s development. Stories;
  • Help to develop understanding and respect for differences
  • Support empathy
  • Stimulate curiosity and imagination
  • Support early literacy skills
  • Boost language skills and improve vocabulary
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve social and communication skills
‘A Journey to the Stories’ There are many different ways to bring stories into your little one’s life.
  • Read a book together. You can tell different stories by looking at the pictures in the book or can ask your child to find a different ending for the story.
  • Tell stories from your childhood. (The stories you listened from your elders or your own childhood memories)
  • Draw a random picture and tell a story about it.
  • Look at old photos and tell the story of that moment.
  • You can check for audiobooks.
  • Listen to your little one’s made-up stories.
  • Create stories using your little one’s favourite toys.
  • Ask your child to retell a story they like.
Don’t forget; “Our stories will inspire our children”. Suzi Levi Mizrahi, MA Developmental Psychologist

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