When travelling with kids. Top Reminders:

I have realised that travelling with the children is one of the things that triggers me the most. I come back drained, needing 2-3 days to feel better emotionally. I know that not everyone feels that way but I hope this may help people that do, and inform others. 
What helped? Here are a few reminders. 
1.  You will be judged by others
Unfortunately it’s true. You might think that other parents or people might understand how unpredictable and draining travelling with kids can be. Some do but most people won’t unfortunately.
2. Your kids will be judged 
The same way your parenting skills might be judged, your kids behaviour will be too. I have countless examples of that each trip. Believe me, I try not to let it get to me but I know it’s hard. They are your kids and it’s hard not to take it personally!
3. It might get messy
It’s exhausting for us to wait in line, to travel for hours when we actually understand what is going on. Imagine for them? See, unless they are older, kids are not sure of what is happening and do not understand why they have to wait. Most of the time, remembering that children are not behaving in a certain way on purpose to annoy others or us. They just don’t know what to do with themselves.. 

⭐️So what can you do?

Focus on what you can control: You can’t control your children emotions but you can…

1- Prepare for it as much as you can (snacks/ toys…)
You can prepare for their potential reactions/ behaviours. Parents know what their kids like, what can soothe them. The best thing is to talk to them before each stage of the travel and explain what is about to happen. You can also share your expectations on how you’d like them to behave if they are old enough to understand. 

🙌🏼There isn’t much more you can do aside from telling yourself that this too shall pass! Think about your own soothing when you get triggered! 

2- Prepare for your mean look 👀 because you’re doing the best you can! That’s my friend Rachael’s advise @luxefamily5 . I went to her for comfort after a tough trip. She told me about her use of “nasty looks”. And I so agree! We sometimes forget that toddlers can’t behave like adults. We expect them to! 

We need to be on their side more which actually is fundamental for them to behave better…!
🙌🏼Let me know if you’ve experienced some tough travel moments! Would love to hear from you!
Lots of Love,

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